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Have you ever dreamed of your perfect wedding where your favorite flowers surround the aisles, the acoustic guitar plays your favorite song – instrumental style -- your wedding dress makes you look like a princess, and the man of your dreams is waiting for you? It is sad that most people don’t have the financial stability or resources to pay for the wedding they want. The good news is that there’s no need to worry anymore. To bring couples closer to their dream wedding, we provide all Singaporeans with the best wedding loans in town.

Here at GetBestWeddingLoansToday.com, we help people find the right money lending institutions who are willing to help them get the dream wedding and honeymoon they want. Just to be clear, we don’t fund the loans ourselves, and one might say that we are the bridge of love (or simply the middleman). We represent credible, legal and licensed loan companies to ensure the quality of all the services we provide. In this business, we maintain the utmost standard to provide financial assistance and financial security to the companies we represent and the customers we accommodate. Your information is always safe with us.

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Quick Application

Applying for a wedding loan is easy as long as you can provide all the necessary documents needed.

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Easy Repayment

Talk to us on your wedding needs and we can come to an easy repayment agreement.

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A Happy Ending

Fulfill your dream wedding while staying financially stable. Make the right decision now.


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Everyone deserves to have the wedding they want. Money shouldn’t hinder that dream. It is not about being naive or ignorant of the proper use of money or monitoring one’s financial stability. This is about helping couples enjoy the biggest moment of their life, which is the exchange of vows to stay with each other forever.

Applying for a wedding loan is easy as long as you can provide all the necessary documents needed. We only need you to be completely honest with your credit scores. If you have bad credit scores, no problem at all. Our services extend to all types of financial assistance, including financial advice and counselling on how to improve your credit score.

Fill up our loan application form below and get in touch with our loan experts. Our advisers will brief you clearly about all the requirements and policies they are about to accept upon signing the loan agreement with the suggested lenders. If you’re worried about any hidden fees or extra charges, put your mind at ease.

GetBestWeddingLoansToday.com is a trustworthy loan broker company, and we DO NOT work with loan sharks. As a trusted company, we work closely with only legal and licensed money leaders in Singapore to provide wedding loans for all kinds of situations, from your wedding shoot to the actual wedding, and of course last but not least, the perfect honeymoon that you always wanted.

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What our Wedding Couples say

Xinyi & Jason

Thank you Get Best Wedding Loans Today for making our day perfect!

Thank you for making our day perfect. From talking about our wedding plans and wedding banquet reservation, we knew we were in good hands to take care of it financially. Thank you once again!!!

Xinyi & Jason

Diana & Steven

The Perfect Honeymoon That I Will Never Forget!

After planning it all over the Internet with my husband, we applied for our 1st loan with GetBestWeddingLoansToday for the perfect honeymoon getaway. With the low interest of 4% offered to us, we are able to enjoy the honeymoon with the unforgettable shopping spree in Milan! 

Diana & Steven




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A personal loan for weddings in Singapore goes a long way in making your dream wedding come true.